Sleep Studies Unit

The Geelong Private Hospital Sleep Studies Unit is Geelong’s premier sleep disorders clinic, providing a full service for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
We are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and patient care to ensure out patients can receive the best night sleep possible. Patients are admitted to hospital for their study and monitored overnight by specially trained nurses in a homely, quiet environment.
The study involves an overnight investigation of the patient’s breathing, heart rate, oxygenation and movements during sleep. Experienced, accredited sleep study technicians explain the procedure to patients on admission and attach the relevant recording equipment.
Results are then interpreted and promptly reported to the patient’s private consultant physician, ensuring a quick assessment of each patients' issues leading to the best solution for each individual.
Dr Jeremy Cailes, Dr Anish Sachdev and Dr Chris Steinfort are Geelong Private Hospital’s three consultant physicians for the Sleep Studies Unit. Patients can obtain a GP referral to see any one of these physicians in order to arrange a sleep study admission.

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