Critical care

Geelong Private Hospital critical care service is well supported by a team of Intensive Care Specialist doctors who provide the unit with 24 hour medical cover.

Critical care trained nursing and allied health staff, together with Staff Medical Officers ensure best practice and the highest quality of care is delivered.

With nine fully monitored cardiac care beds the unit was purposely designed to provide highly specialised care to patients with acute cardiac illnesses or who are suspected to have heart problems.

The consulting cardiologist manages all care with the support provided by experienced medical specialists, extensive cardiac investigative facilities and on-site cardiac catheter laboratory.

To enhance recovery and protect patient privacy it is therefore necessary to institute specific visitor guidelines.

It is recommended that visiting should be limited to immediate family and significant others.

Due to space constraints and for patient safety, only two visitors are permitted at the bedside at any given time.

To protect the privacy of all patients please report to reception desk and wait to be admitted.

Please ensure you wash your hands prior to entering the unit and also on your way out.

To maintain patient privacy and confidentiality, visiting is not permitted during the Intensivist's ward round. Ward rounds are conducted each morning and evening.

Please note: You may be asked to step out of the unit during these times to allow for nursing and medical interventions (including medical ward rounds and nursing handover).

The ICU is a six-bed unit encompassing three large ICU rooms, with isolation capacities, and three ICU bays.

Our Level 2 unit is suitable for:

  • Complex post-surgical patients or those with multiple co-morbidities
  • At risk patients who require vigilant observation
  • Critically ill medical patients needing major organ support including: cardiovascular, respiratory and renal back-up.

The ICU provides 24-hour medical cover.

Medical care is co-ordinated by the Intensive Care Specialist in consultation with the admitting doctor to provide optimal medical care.

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